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Coaching & Teaching

Welcome to my teaching and coaching pages! I've been a teacher and private coach for over 25 years and have taught many students in drawing, painting and design. I love teaching and I am passionate about helping bring out the creativity in all my students.


My teaching and coaching style is close and collaborative which allows me to tailor to each person according to their specific needs, learning style, goals and aspirations. I teach one on one or in small groups, in-person and on-line. 

My students tell me I am warm and present and attuned to their needs. Learning and growth happens when we build a close yet professional relationship over time. Students of all levels are always welcome! 

For coaching or classes and rates please send me a message below. For more information go to:

Design Clients

I coach my design clients through the design and development process, whether you are looking to develop a professional website, branding your work, or changing your style to helping you write your mission statement, highlighting your skills and marketing your business through your website or social media.


Please read more on the Website page or Home page of this site for these services. 

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