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This poster was designed to feature the look and feel of the Roboto typeface. The Roboto typeface was developed by Google in 2011. 

A complete suite of the typeface is shown on the poster. Colors and shapes were chosen to show the typeface in use. 


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Branding a Wine Label
pinto grigio label.png

My illustration of grapes on vine


Select Books

The Koobi Fora Guide Book

The guide book for Koobi Fora is a narrative of the fossil record at Lake Turkana of two million years ago. It was illustrated with the help of the Leakeys and it closely correlates with an exhibit of the same name at the National Museums of Kenya in Nairobi. Available only in Kenya.

History of the Goudy Typeface

A small book that explores the history and anatomy of the Goudy Typeface and its uses through the centuries. The cover was illustrated with a typical motif of the period.

Not in print.

Buddha's Precepts Illustrated 

A small book based on Buddha's Precepts. Each spread has an illustration on the left and text on the right. It has approximately 45 pages. Published in 2020

This book is sold out.

Fundamentals of Typography

This is a small book illustrating the fundamentals of typography for graphic designers. Approximately 50 pages.

Not in print.

Koobi Fora book
Buddha's book
Typography book
Goudy book
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