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Graphic Design

I’m San Francisco based designer, illustrator, painter, teacher and coach with over 25 years of creative experience. I specialize in web design, book illustration, branding, botanical and portrait and landscape art. My work has been exhibited in the National Museum of Kenya, galleries in Washington, DC and the San Francisco Bay area. My strength lies in coaching clients and working closely with them to design and resolve issues in a close collaborative style.


My design approach incorporates my own hand-drawn illustrations, patterns, paintings and textures into designs and layouts. My esthetic focuses on type and graphics as well as expressive elements that come from my long experience as a fine artist and illustrator. I’m excited to bring this combination of design and art into your branding, creating not just graphics and logos but a universe of illustrated elements, backgrounds, packaging, and marketing ephemera. 

Recently I studied at UC Berkeley Extension Graphic Design Program where I collaborated on branding, editorial, web and advertising designs with a network of top industry professionals and fellow designers. I’m also teaching art courses en plain air in the Bay Area near San Francisco California.

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