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I've been a teacher and private coach for over 25 years and have tutored many students in drawing, painting and design. I love teaching and I am passionate about helping bring out the creativity in all my students.

My teaching and coaching style is close and collaborative which allows me to tailor to each person according to their specific needs, learning style, goals and aspirations. My students tell me I am warm and present and attuned to their needs. Learning and growth happens when we build a close yet professional relationship over time. Students of all levels are always welcome. For coaching or classes and rates please send me a message. 

My Art School

I love teaching and I consider it a joy and privilege to be part of the creative process of my students. 


I started teaching in 1999 in Edinburgh, Scotland where I was studying at the Edinburgh College of Art, and started my own art and design school in 2001 in Florence, Italy. I also studied drawing in the old masters' style at an atelier deep in the heart of Florence's art scene. Every few years I go back to Florence and study drawing again to keep up my skills and learn from my own mentors.


After I moved back to the U.S. from Europe I continued to teach in my studio and now privately in home studios or a student's private studio. I continue the same close teaching style I have always followed and been trained in- mentoring and guiding, building foundational skills and developing each student's style, vision and direction for their art practice.


I also help established artists who might need a change in direction or want to improve their work to tackle that process. I do this through private critiques and self-assessment exercises. The medium can be in painting, drawing, photography, design, ceramics.  


I've ushered many students through their creative process over the years and several have sought further study in art and design programs at Yale, Berkeley and other major universities and colleges throughout the United States. I continue to coach artists and designers of all ages in their art and design practice.


Florence Art Studio where I study. My drawing is in the middle of the photo


I teach a variety of media in painting. Oil. Acrylics. Pastels. Watercolor.


Charcoal and pencil drawing as well as pastels and mixed-media.


I coach one on one or in small groups. Each student develops their own style and direction.


I offer classes for students of all ages, skill levels and individual preferences.

I am teaching classes in Walnut Creek. For more information click here: 


Student Gallery

Student Testimonials


"When I saw the results of my classes with Afsaneh, my confidence in my drawing ability rose. I was no longer the person who didn’t want to share their drawings. All of my enthusiasm and confidence is because of Afsaneh.  In class, Afsaneh was helpful, kind and funny, but most of all she was present. Afsaneh would always be there when I couldn’t get a line right, or when I came across any other difficulty. The last year I have spent learning with Afsaneh has changed my life, drawing and a dozen other things."- Shiven

"Afsaneh's practiced eye reviews the most inexperienced students work with an eye that seeks that kernel of originality as expressed on paper or canvas, she then celebrates this. Without a doubt, this is the most confidence building experience I have had as an adult. I only wish I had found Afsaneh when I was a child! "- Patty

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