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Mena Zaminsky

Website Design

I work closely with clients to deliver websites that meet their needs and what they require to achieve their objectives. I handle the whole process of getting clients started online, from setting up domain and hosting (this cost is separate from design and development costs) and email and helping to identify their brand, and create engaging written and image content. I use the Wix website development platform to create my websites. 


  • Website design & development

  • Domain & email registration/connection

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

  • Coaching and content writing and image sourcing

  • Custom branding including graphics and illustrations

  • Ongoing maintenance and website management

  • Ecommerce 

  • Social media 

Modern Laptop

Select Websites

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Professional Psychotherapist 

Professional Website

Concept: Professional, Informative and Educational 

"I had been working on my website for about three years, constantly dragging my heals and unable to get it done.  Once I started to work with Afsaneh, it became obvious I didn’t get it done because I didn’t have anyone guiding me through the process.  In less than one month, Afsaneh guided me in the way I needed and got my website done...from colors, to copy, to photos!  She is the  perfect guide and designer for this process. She is knowledgable, talented and skillful. And she is also kind, caring and thoughtful!  I am absolutely thrilled with my new website and couldn’t imagine a better person to work with for a website!  We are even about to work on a new project together!  I highly recommend Afsaneh Michaels!" --Mena Zaminsky

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Italian Photographer

Artist Portfolio

Concept: Bold, Rich, Exuberant and Artistic

“Working with Afsaneh is a very exciting and creative experience and without her this website would not be a reality. She not only helped me realize that a dedicated place for my photography was possible but the photographs are now presented in such a way as to make them more powerful while also bringing back to them a more narrative function. Afsaneh’s thought process and technical and visual solutions have made the website aesthetically and functionally pleasing. While working together from two continents over several time zones presented challenges the website is a great success.”-Alina Renditiso

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Clinical Psychologist

Professional Website

Concept: Professional, Elegant, Informative

Clinical Psychologist

Professional Website

Concept: Professional, Elegant, Informative

Joseph Suib
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Family Art Collection 

Website featuring Art

Concept: Archival, Classical, Elegant

"You truly brought to life our long time dream of having a website that pays tribute to our grandfather’s artwork. Your design and sense of aesthetics have created an elegant, visually sophisticated, and stunning showcase for his work. We can’t thank you enough for your invaluable suggestions, your creative and collaborative spirit and skills, and your ability to have our vision become a reality." --N. Suib

"We really appreciate all the valuable input, suggestions and recommendations you provided us. The design is very thoughtful and elegant, providing a great framework/canvas for illustrating our grandfather's work. Thanks for all your energy and creativity." --P. Suib

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Professional Website

Concept: Professional, Informative

I had a terrific experience working with Afsaneh to create my professional website. It was a fun and speedy process from start to finish. She has a lot of expertise but also was very respectful of my aesthetic choices and my intensions for my website. I appreciated her availability and flexibility, her responsiveness in editing text and images, and her excellent suggestions at many points in the project. One of the strengths of Afsaneh's work with me was her writing support. She gave me edits and feedback on drafts that helped me convey my ideas more effectively.I started getting a lot of visitors as soon as my site went live!

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Real Estate Business

Portfolio of Rental Homes

Concept: Formal, Open, Serene

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